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I snap my fingers and, foof-la!, inaugurate the Hooting Yard Friday Quiz. (It is likely, not to say inevitable, that tomorrow I shall snap my fingers again and, foof-la!, abolish the Hooting Yard Friday Quiz, so make the most of it while you have the chance.)

This week’s challenge is to identify correctly the forty-seven fictional characters listed yesterday in the piece Unhinged By Cream Crackers. You need to provide the title of the work, be it a novel or a play or a film or what have you, where the character first appeared.

The first person to post a full and correct list in the Comments will win a modest prize. I do not yet know what it will be, but I will think of something, and it will not be a world cruise aboard the HMS Corrugated Cardboard.

5 thoughts on “Friday Quiz

  1. Emma Bovary
    Martin Chuzzlewit
    Tyrone Slothrop
    Josef Bong
    Winnie Verloc
    Lupin Pooter
    Dolores Haze
    Arturo Ui
    Winston Smith
    Pinkie Brown
    Geoffrey Firmin
    Myra Breckinridge
    Krishnan Guru-Murthy
    Roger Thornhill
    Guy Secretan
    Ilya Kuryakin
    Clare Quilty
    Lemuel Gulliver
    Doctor Slop
    Sara Lund
    Inspector Truscott
    Ned Stark
    Cissie Colpitts
    Sebastian Dangerfield
    Giles De’Ath
    Ronnie Bostock
    Ebin Willoweed
    Hans Gruber
    Wendy Hale
    Chance Hale
    Prince Zaleski
    Roger Ackroyd
    Evadne Mount
    Arthur Gordon Pym
    De Selby
    Mike Hammer
    and the man with the twisted lip.

    – All characters from William Shattner’s Tek Lords series but since appropriated by some notable (and sickening) types such as Thomas Pynchon, Arthur Conan Doyle, Sam Rolfe, The Channel Four News Team and Jonathan Swift.

  2. Can you tell me what the prize is? I don’t want to do a whole lot of research just to win yet another copy of Donnie Darko.

  3. I had to rescue the question about the nature of the prize from the bulging bag o’ spam. This has discombobulated me to such an extent that I have clean forgotten what the prize is, if I ever knew. I can, however, assure you that it is *not* a copy of “Donnie Darko”, whatever that might be.

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