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Recently there has been prattle in certain corners of Interwebshire predicting the imminent demise of the blog. It is, we are told, an outmoded form, due to be tossed into the dustbin of history, conquered by the implacable might of social networking, wittering and twittering. Such a prediction is quite obviously ballocks (as Beckett would spell it). The blog will continue to thrive, at least in this neck of the woods, for your beloved Mr Key long ago realised that it is absolutely the perfect medium for the outpourings of his puny and pea-sized brain. And I am of course not the only one whose blatherings could never be constrained by arbitrary twitter-lengths and similar barbarities.

This by way of preamble to news of a brand new blog for which I must take a small measure of responsibility. It is not Hooting Yardy in any way, rather the result of protracted cajoling and mental thumping on my part. Believing, as I do, that some of us were born to blog, I have finally managed to bash some sense into the noggin of a friend, who until now has been writing indefatigably but shoving everything into a drawer to moulder unread. What on earth is the point of that in the era of Het Internet?

Thus the birth of BlackberryJuniper and Sherbet, wherein we are promised “waffling” about such matters as “modern neo-paganism, established religion, food, animals, astronomy, history, books, music, pub quizzes, TV, films, philosophy, psychology, and my feeble beginner attempts at gardening”. I told you it wasn’t Hooting Yardy. What it is is an individual voice, babbling away in inimitable fashion, and allowing the babble to be read, rather than muffled and hidden and forgotten in that dust-choked drawer.

I commend it to your attention. Start here, lap it up, add it to your RSS feed, and don’t forget to post your comments.

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  1. BlackberryJuniper thanks you and wonders if she could love you more. (Restrains herself strongly from doing an emoticon of some kind. Goes and has breakfast.)

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