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This week over at The Dabbler I have shoved into my cupboard a classic from the Hooting Yard Treasury of Song. This is of course a plug or puff for next week’s Evening Of Lugubrious Music And Lopsided Prose, attendance at which ought to be compulsory for all devotees of Hooting Yard but is, alas, in these namby pamby wishy washy twee days o’ pap merely voluntary. That said, you really are urged to strain every sinew to cobble together a fiver, to foregather upon Tower Bridge, and then to head more or less in a straight line southwards down Tower Bridge Road until you reach Bermondsey Square, wherein you will find Woolfson & Tay Bookshop/Gallery/Cafe, wherein, at 7.00 PM on Friday 18 November, Mr Key & Mr Spaceman will be providing a woopdy doopdy extravaganza of lugube ‘n’ lop.


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