Notes On A Chuckle

Further to my report, last Saturday, of a Facebook Facecloth postage and subsequent comment, here is another. I will not be making a habit of this, but last night’s brief exchange of comments with Elberry is, I think, worth noting here.

I chuckled at a comment I read appended to a postage on the Grauniad’s Comment Is Free site, and so, on Facecloth, noted

A Comment Is Free comment over at The Grauniad : “Groan, and so the Guardian descends still further into being an upmarket version of Black Flag for the under 16s.” I chuckled.

The subsequent dialogue with Elberry went as follows

Elberry : more on the nature of this chuckling please, the sound, duration, effect on passers-by, etc.

Frank Key : Grating and somehow tragic, forty-nine seconds, solicitude, offers of loose change, thumpings.

Elberry : does it excite frenzies, sexual or otherwise?

Frank Key : Only in the raddled hearts of the unseemly

Elberry : is it pure to the pure, if the pure are privy to these terrible eruptions?

Frank Key : Alas, there are tincts

Elberry : would you consider removing these safeguards, so the many- headed rabble may hark to your mirth, and take heart therefrom?

Frank Key : I will consider it, while my head is upon the pillow, and I snooze, imminently

After tippy-tapping which, I retired to bed, rested my head upon the pillow, and snoozed. Alas, I did not after all consider removing any chuckle safeguards.

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