Tiny Enid Takes A Nap

Tiny Enid knew how vitally important it is to take an afternoon nap. Because she was so often engaged in thrilling adventures, which usually involved kicking someone’s head in, she did not always find it easy to lull herself to sleep. As this rare picture shows, she was as resourceful a girl when it came to naps as she was when bashing up Prince Fulgencio’s evil henchmen.


Suspension Chloriforeene from the State Library of Victoria, via Boynton


4 thoughts on “Tiny Enid Takes A Nap

  1. I had a feeling that Tiny Enid sported a club foot, which I don’t detect in this illustration. Has she been cured of that affliction, or was this snap taken before she succumbed to whatever malign spores or putrid miasmas precipitate such an affliction? Or is she using a body-double for contractual reasons?

    Or did I imagine the entire thing?

  2. R : Rest assured that your imagination is not playing tricks on you. What seems to have happened is that the snap was taken with a Pastewick Crate Photographiscope. These complicated wooden cameras were notorious for producing blurred and distorted results, which appears to be the case here.

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