Hooting Yard Advent Calendar (xix)

ship graveyard

Today’s Hooting Yard Advent Calendar picture shows the graveyard of ships marooned in the Sargasso Sea from The Lost Continent (Michael Carreras, 1968), based on the novel Uncharted Seas by Dennis Wheatley (1938). Featuring giant crab monsters, killer seaweed, and a colony of ultra Roman Catholic descendants of Spanish conquistadors.

3 thoughts on “Hooting Yard Advent Calendar (xix)

  1. Dana Gillespie indeed, or Richenda Antoinette de Winterstein Gillespie, daughter of the Austrian radiologist Baron de Winterstein Gillespie, as perhaps she ought to be better known. Who can forget “Weren’t Born A Man”, her 1973 LP produced by David Bowie and Mick Ronson?

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