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When the usual suspects publish their books, they can be guaranteed to pat each other on the back in the pages of their North London Literary Mafia house journals. When a starving scrivener such as Mr Key publishes his books, he does so to resounding indifference from those same publications. This is neither surprising nor particularly exasperating (on a good day), but it is a lamentable state of affairs. In the past, some review copies have been sent out, but they may as well have been chewed up by a post office hound.

It occurs to me that Hooting Yard readers might wish to marshal the power of the interweb and write their own reviews, to be posted on their own blogs, if they have such things, or on a dedicated page here. This would give new visitors some idea of what delights await them, and also be a generally cockle-warming exercise for all concerned. Just a (possibly ill-advised) thought, in a moment of grumpiness.

2 thoughts on “Book Reviews

  1. I have just written a word or two – and may write a word or two more in the future. If only I could assure you that these words of mine will actually be read – and taken seriously (I know, I know, I’m asking for a lot there..) It seems there is a strange and dispiriting tendency amongst my ever-dwindling audience to treat the books that I review with a frightening degree of flippancy, almost as if they didn’t… But anyway, if I can warm a quarter of a cockle (maybe even a noble third) I will certainly settle for that..

  2. G Riecke : I think we must not worry overmuch about whether our words will be read or not. We must simply press on, indefatigably, to at least ensure there is a counterweight to the pap.

    And thank you – it is a very astute review.

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