It’s the fifth of December, which means it’s time to get that hamper out of the cupboard and take out your rusty chain and bells and birch branch and fur and big black sack and roam the streets terrifying tiny children. Krampus has work to do!


4 thoughts on “Krampus

  1. Could it be that the credit crunch has reached such a pitch that the Grunty man has taken to moonlighting to make ends meet…?
    (time and half surely…? )

  2. This child looks suspiciously as though his picture has been pasted on to Krampus’ haversack as an afterthought. Could one, I wonder, buy Krampus cards ready to be ‘personalised’ in this way?

  3. If only one could take tinies to the mall and have their pictures taken on Krampus’ lap.

    On a completely unrelated note, when did Frank Key start writing admissions questions to Universities?

    Would you rather be a novel or a poem?
    What would you do if you were a magpie?
    How would you poison someone without the police finding out?

    How would you poison someone without out-of-print pamphleteers finding out?
    Would you rather be tossed into a bottomless viper pit or a Terrible Cave?
    Which holds more: A pippy bag, or a haversack?
    What would you do if you were a fictional athlete?
    If you were Mrs. Gubbins, would you add Unspeakable Oooze to a soup at the beginning or end of a recipe? Why? What color is the ooze?

  4. Perhaps this is one of the “services” advertised in the Hooting Yard charter: Scare that il-diciplined child back to the piety of it’s infancy.

    I can just imagine Mr. Key setting up his office in a tent just outside the local community hub – a desk stacked with un-pasted pictures of Krampus and a pot of paste ready to paste pictures of the local scallywags into his haversack as a sobering warning of the consequences of delinquency.

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