English Towers

But in England towers so seldom mellowed rightly. They were too rain-washed, weather-beaten, wind-kissed, rugged; they turned tragic and outlived themselves; they became such hags of things; they grew dowdy and wore snapdragons; objects for picnics; rendezvous of lovers, haunts of vice . . . ; they were made a convenience of by owls; they were scarred by names; choked by refuse, and in the end they got ghoulish and took to too much ivy, and came toppling down.

from Ronald Firbank, Vainglory (1915)


One thought on “English Towers

  1. Ether’s slowing
    Ghostlier news

    Owlish Regent’s
    Erstwhile song

    Gloss whitener
    Hosteler’s wing

    Welting horses

    Storing wheels
    Hinges, trowels

    Howling steers

    Signet howlers
    Other slewings


    Longest wisher
    Swingers’ Hotel

    Teen showgirl’s

    Newsgirl ethos
    Wireless thong

    Whores’ tingles
    Glisten shower

    Senile growths:
    Goners whistle

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