Did any British star of stage and screen ever have such a marvellous name as Googie Withers? Say it… Googie. Withers. Googie Withers. Here at Hooting Yard, we salute Googie, still unwithered, for today is her ninetieth birthday.


4 thoughts on “Withers

  1. Come, come Ms. Harding. The baton will be handed to Fictional Athlete Bobnit Tivol! He will run like the wind toward the victory hatch and a mezzotint finish (© R. Tint). After a lengthy investigation the Grunty Man, who initially appeared to win the race, will be disqualified for extending one of his lower lips to trigger the victory hatch mechanism ahead of Tivol’s arrival. Pooky Quesnel will come in a poor 142nd.

  2. I found Googie again by looking at Google. She was a good looking girl when I first saw her around 1945. I wonder what she looks like now. Some girls manage to keep their looks.

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