Zinc Egret

Yesterday’s piece entitled Tungsten Grebe contained an unfortunate error which rendered it incomprehensible. As a consequence, the Hooting Yard Incoming Postage Logistics Silo was bombarded with untold thousands of letters from readers expressing bafflement, befuddlement, or, in some cases, utter indifference.

I have now taken the opportunity to reread, rereread, and rerereread the text, scan it through a Blötzmannscope, subject it to the Pigwell-Faffington Test, and carry out several other procedures that you need not bother your ungainly little heads about.

As a result of my labours, which I can assure you were Herculean, I am now able to announce that if you replace the words “tungsten grebe” with “zinc egret”, all becomes clear. Well, if not exactly clear, then let us say less misty.

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