Dribbling For Fun And Profit

You would be surprised how much fun you could have, and how much money you could make, by dribbling. Like most of us, you were probably encouraged not to dribble when you were a youngster. Your ma or pa probably said to you something along the lines of “God in heaven, child, you won’t get very far in life if all you do is stand around dribbling all day!” The thing is, they were right, which is why you would be astonished if you had fun, or made a profit, simply by dribbling.

However, should you wish to pursue this activity as a career option, here are some tips.

  • Wear a cap and bells and caper about a bit while you are dribbling.
  • Place an empty shoebox or similar container at your feet for the collection of coinage tossed by passers-by.
  • Do your dribbling in an area of wealthy, generous, rather simple-minded people.
  • Ensure your dribbling is copious so you do not disappoint.

Of course, an element of luck is essential in all such career trajectories, but sooner or later one of your passers-by may well be a top-flight television executive, from either the BBC or one of the independent networks, and they will surely sign you up for your very own primetime show, where you will be able to dispense with the cap and the bells and the capering and the shoebox, and just face the camera and dribble, dribble, dribble.

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