Smokers’ Poptarts!

My recent lassitude – which I think is now behind me – was occasioned in part by ResonanceFM’s August break. I realise that having to babble into a microphone for half an hour every week is an effective spur to composition, and without that deadline I can happily gaze out of the window at crows and Not Get Anything Done.

(Oh, by the way, throughout the month ResonanceFM is broadcasting old episodes of Hooting Yard daily at 12.30 PM, so that should help to keep you lot from chewing your pillows in anguish.)

Anyway, just as I was sloughing off my indolence and clambering back into my toboggan o’ prose, I was further inspired by being asked to write a piece for another blog. Meeting someone else’s deadline always concentrates the mind.

So over at BlackberryJuniper & Sherbet you can read a brand new piece – written yesterday – together with a little introduction explaining why I was asked, and one reader’s understanding of the Glory That Is Hooting Yard. Off you go!

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