Disaster In A Contemporary Brain

I am indebted to the great Max Décharné for drawing to my attention this little-known (to me, unknown) work by H G Wells. The title is foolish enough, but I am particularly fond of that resounding subtitle: Adventures, Poses, Stresses, Conflict, and Disaster in a Contemporary Brain. Somehow I think that deserves an exclamation mark. If any Hooting Yardistas have read it, perhaps they could post a review in the Comments.

2 thoughts on “Disaster In A Contemporary Brain

  1. Fascinating stuff…!
    I have been a fan of the lovable old eugenicist since my teenage years but the Bulpington of Bulp is a new one on me…
    Is it any good…?

    Speaking of exclamation marks…
    I quote from Halfman Halfbiscuit’s song “Third Track Main Camera Four Minutes”….

    “If ever an album was in dire need of an exclamation mark it surely had to be Frampton Comes Alive (head for the hills…)”

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