One Of The Best Refrigerators In India

Weeks after posting a link to my first set of Brief Lives over at The Dabbler, a comment arrives. Rahul tells us that he (she?) is “using one of the best refrigerators in India”. Apparently it is fitted with the “latest sensation technology”. It is not clear if this is related to L’Oreal’s light-reflecting booster technology, but I am sure it must be so.

The refrigerator alluded to in my postage was the one in Michael Tippett’s kitchen which he called “Bernard Levin”. I cannot help wondering if that model, too, had the most up to date sensation technology of its era. Again, I would like to think that was the case.

I do not know what Tippett’s fellow composer Peter Maxwell Davies calls his refrigerator, but no doubt it, too, is a state of the art model, crammed with electrocuted swans.

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