A Plea

Oi, you lot. This is a plea for money, and for once it is not an unseemly begging letter asking you to plop a few groats into the coffers of Mr Key’s Fund For Distressed Out Of Print Pamphleteers, though of course you can do that too. On this occasion, however, honour, duty, and sheer common sense calls you to send money, or indeed monies, to the world’s finest radio station. Here is what the powers that be at ResonanceFM have to say:

Dear Friends of Hooting Yard,

Resonance is currently trying to raise money to bolster its imminent application to Arts Council England. To this end, the radio station wants to build reserves – savings which indicate its financial resilience and which it can draw upon in exceptional circumstances.

If you enjoy Hooting Yard On The Air, please help us by donating to Resonance today. You can do this here on our website, or here via JustGiving.

And if you are a UK tax payer you can add value to your donation to our registered charity (number 290236) through GiftAid. All it takes is fifty listeners of Hooting Yard donating £10 each for us to reach this year’s target. Please mention Hooting Yard in your communication.

Resonance does not own a building, so has few material assets; nor does it charge for its service, so it very much relies on the generosity of you, its listeners. Please take a moment to show your appreciation of our broadcasts and secure the station’s future. Thank you!

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