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Empty Your Wallets!

May I remind you that this week is fundraising week at Resonance 104.4FM? The finest radio station in the known universe, and indeed in several parallel universes, urgently needs at least part of the contents of your bank account, plus any loose change you have scattered about your hovel. If you wish to continue listening to Hooting Yard On The Air, and plenty of other tremendous programmes, then please give generously.

Go to the Resonance fundraiser page for more details, or head directly to the donation zone. You know you will feel a warm glow in your collywobbles when you have done so.

Episode 141 Point 2

Yesterday’s episode of Hooting Yard On The Air. May contain plums. Listen here.

Episode 38

Further to this comment, yesterday’s broadcast of Hooting Yard On The Air – available here – was Episode 38. Pin back yer lug’oles and listen carefully. I would like to point out that no puppies were strangled in the making of this programme.

Episode N

Here is yesterday’s episode of Hooting Yard On The Air, which features Mr Key reading sweeping paragraphs of majestic prose. The show is approaching its thirteenth anniversary, in April, and I rather regret that it never occurred to me (nor to anybody at Resonance) to give each episode a number. It would be pleasant to be able to say “This is Hooting Yard On The Air, Episode 666”, or whatever number we have reached. I suppose there might be a frighteningly fanatical listener out there somewhere who has kept such a tally – if so, I hope they would get in touch and enlighten us all.

Further Plums

Yesterday’s Hooting Yard On The Air on Resonance104.4FM contained further plum-based radiophonic frolics. Listen carefully. I expect there will be yet more of this next week, until I have exhausted plums and turn my attention to another fruit, or even a completely non-fruit-related topic.

And don’t forget that the lines are still open for our 2016 Christmas Appeal, and will remain open untll 24 December.

Plums On The Radio

Fruit-lovers among you will be delighted to learn that I devoted the first Hooting Yard On The Air of the new year to plums. That is, all the pieces I read on the show made mention of plums, in several cases plums of the Carlsbad variety. This was received so well by listeners that I am seriously considering taking a plum-based approach to next week’s show too. It is rare in the history of radio broadcasting, I think, for a single type of fruit to be granted such prominence in a programme not otherwise fruitcentric, or not ostensibly so. Should any fruiterers wish to give me a free bag of plums in recognition of my efforts, please do not hesitate to approach me in the boulevards and thrust a bag of plums at me.

You can listen to the show here. If by chance you are allergic to plums, or simply abhor them, preferring, say, peaches or persimmons, you may wish instead to go and lie down in a darkened room with cotton wool stuffed into your lugholes. It is entirely up to you.

On The Air

A quick reminder that each week, the latest Hooting Yard On The Air show from ResonanceFM is almost immediately made available online for your listening pleasure. Go to Mixcloud for the full archive, including yesterday’s show here.

The Big Metal Pod

Apologies for the recent silencio. Here’s a new podcast from Resonance:

The Big Metal Fence

podcast pic

Hooting Yard Live! (Part Two)

As you will have gathered, I have been in the doldrums for the past couple of weeks. I fully intend to write something about the dolls and the drums, but until then, here is the second part of Hooting Yard Live At Brewer’s Bar, recorded last month. Listen and learn.

Hooting Yard Live!

An exciting new podcast is now available for your listening pleasure. Hooting Yard Live At Brewer’s Bar (Part One) documents the occasion, last week, when Mr Key spouted sweeping paragraphs of majestic prose at a live audience in a small watering-hole in Shacklewell Lane. A plaque may appear on the building some centuries hence. Part Two will follow shortly.

Vagabond Pod

Oh look! A newly available podcast!

The Vagabonds’ Regatta

podcast pic

On the Air And In The Dabbler

This is a brief reminder that each week’s episode of Hooting Yard On The Air is now posted on Mixcloud almost as soon as it has been broadcast. Delve through the archives and you can listen to Mr Key babbling into your eardrums until the cows come home. Yesterday’s show includes a sort of homage to David Bowie on his 69th birthday, and the text appears in today’s Dabbler, so if you wish you can read and listen at the same time.

Natty Dread Pod

From out of nowhere comes a new Hooting Yard podcast, originally broadcast in 2012. This episode features a lot of babbling about monkeys and, as an added bonus, the dulcet tones of Pansy Cradledew.

On Natty Dread

podcast pic

Pointy Pod

A particularly thrilling new podcast from ResonanceFM.

On Pointy Town

podcast pic

Muggletonian Pod

Sooner or later I will start spouting forth prose again, but meanwhile here is the latest Hooting Yard podcast release from ResonanceFM.


podcast pic