In Gath

And lo! there came unto Gath an man whose head was as the head of the otter.

And his body also was as the form of the otter and likewise his dimension.

And when the man spoke his voice was as the cry of the otter.

Now the people of Gath, seeing this, were much afraid.

They gathered about the man with their pointy sticks and led him unto their Hierophant.

Now the Hierophant of Gath dwelt in a place of much mist and vapourousness unyielding.

And the people said “O Hierophant of Gath, we bring you this man in form like unto the otter, what shall we do with him?”

And with his mouth the Hierophant of Gath spoke mumbo-jumbo unto them and they laid down their pointy sticks and returned to their fathers’ fields where many tares were sown.

And he took the man like unto the otter into his house in the mists.

And the next day there came tidings of the Hindenburg disaster.

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