One day late in the last century I acted as amanuensis to my son Sam, then a tiny tot. He told me a story. I wrote it down. Then I typed it out and made it into a pamphlet entitled The Story Of The Castle, The Knight, & The Dragon (out of print). Here is that story.

Once there was a brave knight and the brave knight heard a sort of dragon noise.

And when he heard it he went to tell his gang of knights to search for the dragon and kill it. And they couldn’t find it.

Well, in the end they found it and they killed it and they went to tell the king and queen and the prince and the princess and all the other people in the kingdom – when they found there was another dragon!

And the king ran up to the chain and he pulled the drawbridge up so the dragon couldn’t get in. And the queen looked out of the window to see if the dragon fell into the water round the castle (the moat).

And the dragon had flown over the mountains and ran back as fast as it could and butted the drawbridge open.

And suddenly the king and queen were surprised, because the brave knight put a spear into the dragon’s tummy and the dragon was dead. So the knight went to tell the people in the kingdom.

Then they saw that the dragon came alive again. And it was a magic spell when the dragon came alive again because the dragon was nice really.

And they found out that it could speak and it said to them that it would do everything for them in the kingdom. It would even find the cannonballs for them. And that’s the end.

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