Mr Key Moves to The Great Beyond

Dear visitors to the Yard,

For those of you who may not yet be aware of the tragic news, I am sorry to report that Mr Key left this world for The Great Beyond late last week. I do not know what he may find there but, however implausible, I am fairly certain that it would a) amuse him and b) he would find a way to write about it if he could.

Though those of us left behind may feel bereft for quite some time, we can take some small comfort in the many pages of prose he left for us here on the site and the hours upon hours of blathering available at Hooting Yard on the Air, courtesy of Resonance FM.

It is hoped that an exhibition of Frank Key rarities, scarcities and snippets may be mounted in London at some time in the near future, along with a reception to allow his devoted fans a chance to celebrate the time we had with him.

Should you wish to support us monetarily in this latest endeavour, please consider donating to his JustGiving page or sending your hard-earned cash to the radio station that was his spiritual home for so many years.

Yours in sadness and with a zest for crumpled things,


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