Egg Update

Back in November, you will recall, we had a brief look at George Orwell’s diary and its – at times – exclusive concentration on egg-counting. I have not seen fit to keep you abreast of the daily totals, confident as I am that you are equally fascinated by this egg business, and thus have added a check of the online diary to your daily routine. However, the latest seventy-year-old entry is somewhat alarming, so I thought I should draw your attention to it.

26-28.12.38 Have been ill. Not certain about number of eggs, but about 9.

Not certain? Get a grip, George, get a grip!

3 thoughts on “Egg Update

  1. Mr. Key, Mr. Key…
    Have pity on the man…
    He was plainly egg-bound and in need of some form of vigorous laxative concoction…
    (Probably involving exotic herbs and gravel in it’s composition…)


  2. I think the sentences from this entry must be written in the wrong order.
    It should probably read: “Not certain about number of eggs, but about 9. Have been ill”

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