The Home Life Of The Grahames

The marital life of the Grahames became uncosier by the year. “Elspeth seldom got up before eleven, often went to bed in her clothes … Much of the time she spent on her divan, sipping hot water. She ate practically nothing and mouse-nests proliferated in the larder ; she put Kenneth into special underwear which was only changed once a year. It is perhaps not surprising that he took a long solitary walk every day.”

John Sutherland, The Lives Of The Novelists (Profile Books, 2011), quoting from (I think) a 1959 biography of Kenneth Grahame by Peter Green.

2 thoughts on “The Home Life Of The Grahames

  1. R : Alas not. Incidentally, I am quite relieved that I did not read this excellent book before compiling my Brief, Brief Lives – I would have wanted to steal a vast swathe of anecdotage from it, much more than would be seemly.

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