Deranged Intense Conviction

James Delingpole in The Spectator suggests why Game Of Thrones is so unutterably fabulous:

I think the bottom line is if your film or TV series is to become one of the truly greats then the key is to throw conventional wisdom out of the window and pursue your deranged idea with the intensity and conviction of Fitzcarraldo up the Amazon or General Giap at Dien Bien Phu. It can’t be done, they’ll say. And maybe they’re right. But oh, the satisfaction in proving them wrong.

In my more light-headed moments I would like to think that Hooting Yard is precisely that kind of deranged idea pursued with intensity and conviction. Though, I must admit, not in recent days, when the Key Cranium seems like a vast and sleepy hollow. I shall try to channel the Lannisters. They know how to get things done.

One thought on “Deranged Intense Conviction

  1. Do you actually watch the series? I remember some time ago you had an infatuation with Lost. Later, much later I read the episode synopses on Wikipedia only to learn that the entire series was ‘resolved’ by revealing that the island was in actual fact a magical time-traveling island. The ultimate deus ex machina, at least for science-fiction tropes. The whole series was a shaggy-dog story.

    I resolved never to watch Lost.

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