Laughter In The Dark

Having been somewhat disconsolate of late, for reasons I need not bore you with (but hence the silence here), I needed a laugh, and was rewarded this morning. In the Guardian, Suzanne Goldenberg interviews Naomi Klein.

She flies, already a lot more than most people, and is set to rack up air miles that would make her, by her own admission, “a climate criminal” … Yet she confesses to getting weepy when she thinks about the future under climate change.

Imagine poor Naomi sobbing her heart out. But not to worry …

She says she is not going to be trapped into “gotcha games” about personal habits.

Speaking of the Guardian, Rod Liddle has an amusing line about the online video lectures delivered by Russell Brand:

like a condensed version of a particularly bad edition of the Guardian, filtered through the veins of an imbecile.

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