Christmas Dinner Revisited

In his comment on Christmas Dinner, Hooting Yard’s in-house anagrammatist R. provided one of his finest letter-jumbles : crams tern in dish. This is, quite clearly, the essential Yuletide recipe for my readers, and I thus present a handy pictorial guide:

Ingredients : tern


Equipment : dish


Method : cram tern in dish. Serve.

6 thoughts on “Christmas Dinner Revisited

  1. Christmas Dinner Revisited:

    “Trim terns!” I’d hiss. “Dice raven!”
    He dices raven. Trims its rind.
    I trim tern. He discards veins.
    Hermit stirs in diced ravens.
    Sieve Dirt. Christmas Dinner!

  2. These recipes are reminiscent of Christian Bök’s Eunoia, but better, and far more useful when it comes time to plan Christmas dinner.

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