Pseudonymous Inaccuracy

When James Newell Osterberg Jr was a tiny infant, he was fed on a diet of mashed up pap made from eggs. It was the piquant memory of these slops that informed his later decision, when embarking upon a career as a musical performer, to adopt the pseudonym Eggy Pap. A typographic error – or rather two typographic errors – rendered the name differently on the label of his first vinyl waxing. Deploying one of Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies avant la lettre, Osterberg determined to “honour [his] error as a hidden intention”, and retained the inaccurate pseudonym throughout his subsequent career.

One thought on “Pseudonymous Inaccuracy

  1. Apparently, Mr. Osterberg ate his eggy pap with a stogie. Unbelievably, yet another typographical error transmogrified that into the Stooges.

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