Bonkers Maisie Revisited

When I posted Bonkers Maisie here a couple of weeks ago, Pansy Cradledew said “I’d like to hear that set to music by Outa_Spaceman”. And lo! it has now been set to music and performed by Mr Spaceman. You can listen to his fine rendition here.

Next up, I would like to hear a large-scale Orchestral Variations On A Theme Of Bonkers Maisie By Outa_Spaceman, and perhaps an ear-splitting choral version, but I suppose that is too much to ask.

2 thoughts on “Bonkers Maisie Revisited

  1. Thank you Mr. Key and OSM. That cheered me up no end. I look forward one day to K-Tel’s release of 20 Golden Hooting Yard Greats.

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