Tiny Enid And The Tentacles Of Cthulhu

Evidence has come to light that Tiny Enid, the plucky club-footed tot of this parish, may have had more in common with H. P. Lovecraft than a fondness for fascism. I am grateful to OutaSpaceman for bringing to my attention this snap, originally found on something called the “Flickr account” of one Lawrence Jones:


One thought on “Tiny Enid And The Tentacles Of Cthulhu

  1. This photographic evidence is ambiguous.

    Without more information it could just as easily point to a similarity between Tiny Enid and quite a different author, the late Michael Crichton, author of “Jurassic Park”. The creature she is cradling looks like Orthoceras, a prehistoric cephalopod, closely related to the prehistoric ammonites and modern nautiluses

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