Uurrgghh 2 : The Uurrgghh Continues

Plan B for 2016 is to post a potsage [sic] here every day, except on those days when Mr Key is beset by uurrgghh. So far the plan is succeeding beyond all expectations.

Meanwhile, when not whimpering softly, I have tried to cheer myself up by watching Die Hard : The Director’s Cat, two hours of footage of John McTiernan’s pet moggy, Tiddles, graceful yet unfathomably stupid, prowling around the upper floors of the Nakatomi Building, lapping milk from a saucer, fixing its gaze on things invisible to the human eye, and taking long naps. Yippee-ky-oh, motherfucker!

3 thoughts on “Uurrgghh 2 : The Uurrgghh Continues

  1. Perhaps when you’re done viewing Die Hard: The Director’s Cat, you should continue with Die Hard 2: The Director’s Cot, featuring two hours’ footage of John McTiernan’s folding camp bed?

  2. May I also recommend McTiernan’s little known documentary about his days as a musclebound tough-guy factory worker in the sheet metal industry, Die Cut: The Director’s Hard.

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