Camber Rilnt

Who now remembers Camber Rilnt?

In the long ago, when I was a teenperson, Camber Rilnt was, if not quite my hero, certainly a totemic figure, one I held in awe. I pored over his name with something akin to reverence. Today, on a whim, I tapped “Camber Rilnt” into Google, and it yielded absolutely no results whatsoever. There are millions, probably billions of pages on the world wide interweb, but if Google is to be believed, Camber Rilnt appears on none of them. He has vanished down the plughole of history.

Ah! But I did find him, not once but twice, hiding in plain sight, in a manner not traceable by Google’s algorithms, but present nevertheless. Camber Rilnt lives on!

As for you lot, devoted Hooting Yardists all, do you remember Camber Rilnt? Can you track him down on the web, perhaps in places I missed? Feel free to plunge into the Comments Bath to let me know.

6 thoughts on “Camber Rilnt

  1. Fair enough. However, a minute ago I tapped “Camber Rilnt” into Google and did indeed turn up several results, all leading me to some arcane website named “Hooting Yard”. Being of a cautious mind, I felt it wisest not to click on it.

  2. A very wise move, Max. I’ve heard some terrible tales about Hooting Yard – like the one about the sundial, the bleach, and the croquet mallet. All I will say about it is “Eek!”

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