Dream Diary

Last night, Abi Ofarim was presented with a sheep.

There was a broader context to this exciting scene, but alas it was obliterated the instant I awoke. All that remains is a smiling Abi, circa 1967, taking in his arms a non-smiling sheep.

I would be pleased to hear from any brain-quacks who feel competent to interpret this phantasm.


2 thoughts on “Dream Diary

  1. The implication is clear. Ofarim, keen to appear in the role of a worldly country squire such as might be found in a Jane Austen novel, has taken to posing with farmyard animals in an effort to boost his credibility – a sort of Northanger Abi, if you will.

  2. Nothing springs to mind but the obvious, I’m afraid, namely that ‘Abi Ofarim sheep’ is an anagram of ‘Mafia Biosphere’

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