Episode N

Here is yesterday’s episode of Hooting Yard On The Air, which features Mr Key reading sweeping paragraphs of majestic prose. The show is approaching its thirteenth anniversary, in April, and I rather regret that it never occurred to me (nor to anybody at Resonance) to give each episode a number. It would be pleasant to be able to say “This is Hooting Yard On The Air, Episode 666”, or whatever number we have reached. I suppose there might be a frighteningly fanatical listener out there somewhere who has kept such a tally – if so, I hope they would get in touch and enlighten us all.

4 thoughts on “Episode N

  1. According to my frighteningly fanatical calculations, on the 26th of January 2017 n=440.

    There are various possible errors in my calculations. For instance, I have not included the episode broadcast on 14 April 2011 because this was a repeat of the very first episode. But I have included the episode from 14 Feb 2008, despite the fact it was basically inaudible. And some episodes may have slipped through either the archival net or my attempts to collate the episodes.

  2. Jonathan : Ah yes, the famous “barely audible” episode, a shining example of Radio With The Microphones Turned Off (Inadvertently). I remember it well.

    Many thanks for the tally. Perhaps I will begin next week’s show by announcing it as Episode 441 …

  3. Further frighteningly fanatical research has unearthed evidence of thirteen missing episodes, once available on Soundcloud, now nowhere to be found. And also some duplicate episodes. I would now suggest that n=450 might be a more accurate estimate.

  4. Frank, it would indeed be pleasing to hear an Episode Number at the start of each show; even more pleasing if it did not bear any discernible relation to the tally of shows broadcast, nor to the number allotted to the previous outpouring.

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