Brain Awareness Week

As you lot probably already know, today is the first day of International Brain Awareness Week. But not at Hooting Yard! No, here we decided instead to celebrate International Lobster Brain Awareness Week. Who gives tuppence for the paltry human brain when we could be raising our awareness of the majestic brain of the lobster? It is an organ that, as one noteworthy lobster enthusiast claimed, is quite possibly the pinnacle of God’s creation.

The first thing you ought to know about the lobster brain is that it is roughly the size of the tip of a ballpoint pen, or Biro. Imagine that! There are several other things you will wish to know, but we have a whole week ahead, so be patient.

If there is anything in particular you are keen to be made aware of, with regard to the brains of lobsters, please add your questions in the Comments. We have a team of lobster experts standing by, ready to answer them.

Nota Bene : Please feel free to frame your questions in the language of lobsters.

4 thoughts on “Brain Awareness Week

  1. Frank, can you team of experts tell us whether a lobster has ever applied its vast brain to the task of making a surrealist object consisting of a scale model of Dalí wrapped around an antique telephone, and if not, why not?

  2. In one way however the diminutiveness of the lobster’s brain, so safely tucked away in it’s crustacean cranium, is less a wonder than a disappointment. It will take many many boil in the bag lobster brains before the full benefit is felt by those who consume them as part of their ” 5 a day” programme. Alas I shall have to wake out my lobster dist with the other larger but supremely toothsome bits of lobster anatomy, ideally doused in melted butter and accompanied by a good bottle of beer and followed by blueberry pie. The sooner I’m relocated to Maine the better!

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