How To Be Modern

Moderniser is favourite to lead Russian church, says the headline in today’s Guardian. The online edition sadly does not include the photograph of dynamic thrusting modernist Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk which appeared in the paper. But do not fret. I have found one, so readers’ jaws can drop at the breathtaking modernity of the man they call “Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk”. That’s him on the right, in the oh so modern colourful robes, unlike the hopelessly passé figures next to him, who look positively mediaeval in their black garb. On the other hand, they might be beatniks, and it’s Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk who’s behind the times, daddy-o.

4 thoughts on “How To Be Modern

  1. I wonder what the Orthodox wing of the Orthodox Church are like?

    Far away on the other side of Europe, I hear that Cardinal Ratzinger has begun a process of reconciliation with those demented medievalists “The Society of St. Pious”, known to their brethren as SSPX. This organization’s goal appears to be to return the Catholic church to a more primitive state, as it was approximately five-hundred years ago. They intend to wipe-out any liturgical innovation which may have tainted the church.

    Wouldn’t it be oh-so ironic if these Russian Orthodox modernists were to show-up their roman rivals with their trendy new-fangled ways? The Church of Rome is starting to look so passe by comparison.

  2. If you look closely you’ll see that the icons behind the black-clad men are stuck to the wall with sellotape. So, yes, they might be Orthodox beatniks.

  3. Glyn, now you mention it, this whole set-up seems rather flimsy and staged:

    If you look closely you can see the wooden-screen to which the beardy-men have sellotaped crude photocopies of icons is made of badly nailed-together wood. The brickwork is shoddy and lamentable. The modernist’s hat appears to be nothing more than an industrial-sized toilet roll.

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