Talismanic Objects Evocative Of My Childhood, No. 1

This 7” EP was in my parents’ record collection. As a tiny tot, I found the image of the two lovers, turned to glass, frozen and immobile atop a mountain, absolutely haunting. And that blue!

2 thoughts on “Talismanic Objects Evocative Of My Childhood, No. 1

  1. I recall a soundtrack album that dwelt in the black wire rack with ther red rubber feet that lived on top of the radiogram. It also featured music from ‘The Glass Mountain’ .
    It featured a full colour photograph of a strikingly snow topped peak.
    I must admit I never did listen to it nor did I see the film . But I had lots of fun taking the red feet of the rack.

  2. Research reveals my parents album was recorded by the Ron Goodwin Orchestra.
    Mr Goodwin was, incidentally , the sound track composer for Where Eagles Dare.
    “Broadsword to Dannyboy” indeed.

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