Tilly Losch Song

I had a cuppa with Tilly Losch
Just tea, the caff was out of nosh
It cost an awful lot of dosh
Then we went to a pit to mosh

Oh Tilly! Such a smashing gal
Nowadays she’s my penpal
We swap letters ‘cross oceans wide
Oh Tilly! Tilly will abide

Abide with me
Abide with Ned
Young Edward James
Shared Tilly’s bed

Soon enough the pair did part
Ned collected surrealist art
Some influenced by old H. Bosch
But he never forgot Tilly – Tilly Losch!

One thought on “Tilly Losch Song

  1. A deeply moving poem, to be sure. Perhaps a sequel is called for, describing the exploits of her ancestor who swept across Europe with a horde of heavily-armed gentlemen in the 5th century before dying of a nosebleed in the year 453, now known to historians as Tilly the Hun.

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