Winklepicker Days

Oh! How I pine for those winklepicker days
On the pier at Deal
Like Ingmar Bergman’s camera’s gaze
In The Seventh Seal
Yes, I played chess on Deal pier
Against Death dressed in black
But I was shod in winklepickers
And they took Death aback
I saw envy on his pale white face
Envy for my shoon
And I bested Death on the pier at Deal
Under a Kentish moon

2 thoughts on “Winklepicker Days

  1. ‘The Seventh Seal’ – isn’t that the film set in a circus, in which animal-trainer Max von Sydow thrills the crowd with a team of six highly-skilled marine mammals, but tragedy ensues when he wins another one in a sinister game of chess and foolishly tries to integrate it into the act? They don’t make ‘em like that anymore.

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