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For quite some time now, ever since I had a revelatory picnicking experience in a muddy field, I have been on the lookout for a proper Etheric Portal featuring the Circle of Power. Thanks to the Counterknowledge website, I have at last tracked one down. Doesn’t it look reliable?


According to the blurb on the Ultimate Metaphysical Power Tools website, this particular Etheric Portal is “Brand New: Psychotronic 8, Etheric Portal Plus Supreme, Version 3.0, FEATURING THE CIRCLE OF POWER. Now Made With New ULTIMATE Orgontek (Orgone Matrix Material)”.

I found all those capital letters pretty exciting, and if you are sensible enough to go to the site, you will see lots and lots of bright colours too, making for a really braintastic visit. Here is the full spec of what must be the best Etheric Portal I’ve ever seen for sale:

“This is the ultimate Psychotronic / Life Force Energy Enhanced Radionics / Psionics workstation, nothing even comes close to this powerful subtle etheric energy instrument.


The Circle Of Power, Version 3.0

Variable-Capacitance Psychotronic / Radionic Tuner Control panels (2 Rad Cases 12 Dials each)

Photon Light Force Energy Projector Box: Vogel Cut Crystal (double terminated, 12 sided) with Blue Light Beam Projecting through Crystal and Radiating the center Beamer Witness Plate with a high vibrational energy bath

Scalar wave technology

Magnetron Technology

Life Force Energy Technology

Vibrational Shape Wave Energy Patterns

Sacred Geometry

Crystal Power Technology

Electronic Amplifier Module Transmitting System with 2 Transmitting Antenna

Orgone E (Energy) Block Etheric Energy Projection System

Sound Wave Input Feature

Fixed and Variable Frequency Tuning System

This amazing workstation features the upgraded and powerful etheric energy reactor the Circle Of Power, version 3.0, 5 years in the making its finally released to the public. Now you can do 8 operations simultaneous at one time for both your Trend/Remedy and or Target/Witness.  

Scalar wave technology combined with life force energy technology, Russian style Psychotronics, and Metaphysical Radionics makes this the most powerful Radionics / Psychotronic instrument available at this time.

Finally a Radionics machine with enough etheric juice (fuel) to open a portal to other energy systems. The Psychotronic 8’s CIRCLE OF POWER is a vortex of flowing universal energy or “chi”, it can be said that it is an etheric energy reactor in the subtle energy realms.”

I was so mind-numbed (in a good way) by all this that I had to go and lie down, so I didn’t explore the website thoroughly enough to gather how much it costs. As far as I recall, it says somewhere that it’s “under $3,000”. Frankly, I wouldn’t care if it was over $3,000 – or over $30,000. I want one, and I want one now!

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  1. Petrel chariot, rat helicopter
    Leech portrait, rhetorical pet
    Pirate chortle, harlot receipt
    Polite charter, heroic prattle
    Heretic portal, other particle

  2. I think it was Louis XIV, or possibly XVI, who employed a Royal Anagrammatist. Had he lived a few hundred years earlier, R. would certainly be a fitting appointee to that post.

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