Wailing, Gnashing, Rending, Etc

Astute readers will note that posts currently appear undated and without a comment option. This is due to one of those laughably-named “upgrades”, which as far as I can see just make life more difficult. Fear not, equilibrium will be restored as soon as possible. I will be wittering about this in due course (i.e., in approximately fifty years time).

UPDATE : Dates and Comments restored, as you can see. The Yard’s boffin is working on further tweaks to tidy up the spacing between posts and a few other horrors.

UPDATE UPDATE : Back to normal. I suppose I could delete this post, but I will leave it here for the historical record, to be pored over by future scholars. Also, leaving it here means I can continue to assert that there has been at least one posting every day since the sixteenth of December last year, which makes a change from the awful hiatuses (hiatae?) of yore.

One thought on “Wailing, Gnashing, Rending, Etc

  1. [Ahem. Is this thing on?] The first time around I read that as “Fear, not equilibrium, will be restored as soon as possible.” I don’t know why it still made sense, maybe it was the context.

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