Imminent Mental Collapse

I know I shouldn’t allow such twaddle to exasperate me so much. I know it is a sign of weakness, even of imminent mental collapse, when one feels compelled to post a comment at the Guardian. But alas, I couldn’t help myself. To discover the cause of my intemperance, go and read this. If you can’t bear to wade through all the comments, mine is here. (It will be distressingly familiar stuff to Hooting Yard readers, of course.)

Now I am going to apply a cold compress to my forehead, and throw pebbles at swans.

5 thoughts on “Imminent Mental Collapse

  1. Mr. Key, Mr. Key,

    Calm yourself..
    Visualise rolling blue oceans…
    Consolation can be found in the truth apparent..
    Mr. Fry (spits in bucket) is the ‘idol of idiot worshipers..’


  2. I remember University Challenge as being quite boring – that was back in the days of my childhood when it was hosted by fizzy-headed albino savant Bamber Gascoigne. Back in the day he was perhaps the most famous Gascoigne England had to offer… Paul’s tearful World-Cup fiasco had not yet occurred.

    Perhaps my resentment of University challenge comes from the fact that being a student of engineering and science I could not answer any of the questions on the show: They are all slanted towards a kind of frilly-shirted arts-faculty dandies which I presume only exist at the more traditional colleges of the “oxbridge” universities.

  3. I’m not sure if you are aware of his American activities, but at the moment ‘The Most Intelligent Man In The Universe’ is lending his Wildeian wit to the voice-overs on McDonalds commercials.

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