Rummaging In An Abandoned Satchel

The other day I had some harsh words to say about the out of print pamphleteer Dobson’s song-writing skills. “No one with any sense has ever listened to a Dobson song more than once”, I wrote. Well, it seems I was mistaken. I was rummaging in a satchel that I found abandoned on a canal towpath, and I came upon indisputable evidence that at least one sensible person admired a Dobson song so much that they recorded a cover version of it. The song in question is one of the pamphleteer’s settings from the Book of Isaiah.

Hooting Yard readers are a wise bunch, and I would not be surprised to be deluged with letters accusing me of making up the whole satchel-rummaging incident in some foolhardy attempt to chivvy up Dobson’s reputation. I therefore arranged for a local snapper to take a snapshot of what I found, as proof.


I am now going to have to go and lie down in a darkened, cork-panelled room while I mull over what this extraordinary artefact tells us about (a) Dobson, and (b) Tiny Enid.

Thanks, by the way, to boynton.

2 thoughts on “Rummaging In An Abandoned Satchel

  1. This is indeed a puzzling piece of Dobsonia/Enidia…
    I don’t like to brag but I consider myself quite the expert on the cassette entertainment format and I think you’ll find that the above example offers the capacity for more than one song….
    (Unless, of course, it’s one very long song..)
    There is the ‘Bee’ side to contemplate as well…

    I suspect you will file a full report after your mulling…

  2. This morning I was digging through a tattered cardboard box marked
    “Prog Rock” at a rummage sale when I nearly swooned. There among the
    Jethro Tull 8-track cassettes were further examples of Tiny Enid’s
    musical career!

    My mind raced with unanswerable questions: “Grunt at the Sun” is the
    Grunty Man’s song!, I realized. Why was she doing covers of her one-
    time paramour’s work? Was the other album released in conjunction
    with the publication of the same name? Is it played at night to sooth
    colicky children at the Pang Hill Orphanage? Why was she on a Russian
    record label?

    Oh, what secrets have you kept from us, Mr. Key?

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