Hoots Of Destiny

Hooting Yard crashes in to 2007 a month late and with a new format. The old pages – which of course you can still visit – had a certain ramshackle charm, but I’ve decided to use this standard blog format for a number of reasons. Better indexing, for one thing, and we all need indexes. Also I hope that readers will take full advantage of the Comments feature and spout their own twaddle to complement my own. Onwards and upwards! Here, for your delectation, is a picture sent to me by that scalliwag Max Décharné.




2 thoughts on “Hoots Of Destiny

  1. charming charming.
    I had to go through many hurdles to leave the comment charming charming, but I assure you it was worth it. I shall warn my friends your website is up and running and they shall tell you charming charming too.
    best wishes.

  2. Hey it changed again! It’s ever changing! that’s superb. I didn’t really have to go through many hurdles, I just had to have a password emailed to me, and now I feel like I have properly joined something.
    I think its hoops you go through anyway. hurdles are for jumping.
    Very good. I shall be back soon

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