Befuddled by Cormorants

At last! Say goodbye to lack-of-Hooting-Yard-paperback misery by clutching to your bosom a collection of fifty two stories lovingly collected together in book form! Now, you will be able to perch at the bedside of a pallid and sickly tot and never be at a loss for something to read by candlelight to the wan infant, in between mopping its brow and feeding it spoonfuls of milk of magnesia or some kind of fuming brain tonic.

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9 thoughts on “Befuddled by Cormorants

  1. As a representative of The Association of Myopic Vikings of Restricted Growth (Aquarium Keepers Sub-Committee). I heartily endorse Mr Key’s impenetrable babbling.


  2. Not the least curious feature of this curious volume is the way in which the author’s name features twice on the front cover – not that the present, ombrageous illustration offers any corroboration. But purchasers will find the claim vindicated: and who knows what further crypto-texts may be detected, nestling in Borgesian crannies, by the assiduous student of this Delightfully Rum Document.

  3. I’ve not yet read this book, but upon hearing of it, I was struck to the spot. Almost a week later, I recovered somewhat, and painstakingly betook myself to the taxi rank.

    “May I speak in tongues?”, was all I could croak.

  4. moderation ? moderation in every meaning of the word is so vanilla. moderation in every form should be wiped from the face of this earth and indeed eradicated completely from the known universe and indeed fully and wholly erased from any other bits of the universe that we dont know about, and that it has been seen hanging around in…

  5. I’m still living in the age of steam, can I purchase your books by cash? Maybe a meeting at London bridge at midnight, a brown package exchanging hands, no questions ..

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