Four Types Of Reader

An eighteenth-century subscription library in London* divided its readers into four categories: the Sedate, the Historian, the Theatrical Amateur, and the Gay and Volatile.

If I can destroy the blockage which has made Hooting Yard fall silent in recent days, I shall devise a quiz so you can work out which type of reader you are.

*NOTE : Not the London Library (see above).

3 thoughts on “Four Types Of Reader

  1. In my formative years, whenever I found myself at an impasse, my granny would say:
    ‘Why don’t you draw a nice picture of a horsey?’
    I suspect, in your current malaise, this advice may be less than helpful…

    (and I still can’t get the legs right…)

  2. I put it down to that Bombus in your bonnet.

    ‘And no more turn aside and brood
    Upon (Fry’s) bitter mystery.’

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