6 thoughts on “Overheard

  1. I’m slightly disturbed to hear of the lengths you go to in order to facilitate your reader’s amusement…
    I assume, due to your professed myopia, you had entered that establishment having mistaken it for a tobacconist’s…

  2. I usually turn to this website ( http://www.bostochten.nl/dusty/lws/index.php?page=crystal.htm ) for wisdom about Crystal Healing. It contains such unassailable factual wisdom as:

    “You may not be aware of it, but when they are growing, crystals are in fact living entities, just like all the other bedrock’s of Planet Earth.”

    They sell a remarkable range of wooden handled “crystal healing wands” which posses the following unexpected feature:

    “By appealing to our Tree Spirit Friends, we have been presented with a number of LiveWood handles, each with its own resident Tree Dryad. Each of these Dryads have volunteered to hold and operate a Healing Crystal, for the benefit of humanity, in exchange for the opportunity to gain in-depth experience of Psychic Healing, as part of their own self-development.”

    … and finally a warning for the psychicly enabled:

    “Most people won’t be too aware of the healing energy emitted by the wand; but should you notice any colours, lights, sparks or strange vibrations coming from it, as you use it, don’t be alarmed, it just means you’re a bit more psychickally aware than other people. ‘Join the club’ you’re obviously a Natural Healer.”

  3. “Psychickally”…?
    Somebodies been at the Hawkwind bottle…

    I dispute that the, so called, ‘wand’ looks like a sci-fi ray gun…
    My ray gun is covered with exciting tubes, valves, gauges and a couple of flaps non of which are in evidence on this crystal healing wand..

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