Revenge Of The Pig

Revenge Of The Pig is a new film by Horst Gack. Horst Gack, remember, is an idle, light, evilly deceitful and proud fellow who whispers insulting jests basely and obscenely and is rightly called by the people by the name of Mimmus. Revenge Of The Pig is a greasy, sad piece of cinema. Many gelatine plates were used in its production. It comes out in October. You would do well to make a note of that and to carry the note in the lining of your hat, through the coming months. Mimmus has made a film and the world will want to see it. Horst Gack now, now, now he is on a boat and the boat is at sea. The boat is golden. It has sails. Sail away, Mimmus, sail away and we will watch your magic lantern show in due time. And we will have pliers in our hands and we will pull with them. We will pull.

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