On The Air

I forgot to mention earlier that your favourite radio show, Hooting Yard On The Air, is now broadcasting again, live from the gleaming new studios of ResonanceFM. The show is on at the new time of 6.30 PM on Thursday, and is repeated at 1.00 PM on the following Monday. Podcasts will resume shortly, and I will drop a note here when the Podcast Maestro has got that organised.

2 thoughts on “On The Air

  1. Yes hoorah! I have gone through my entire collection of old podcasts and am beginning to be able to recite them verbatim, often interrupting family members and officials for up to half an hour at at a time. I have obscured many a command, entreaty, plea and warning, to my detriment: my house is ash, my trousers are covered in cement, my dog is flat.

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