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Over at Gourmet, the splendidly-named and obviously ├â┬╝bertrendy Adam Brent Houghtaling has had the bright idea of applying Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies in the kitchen. Here at Hooting Yard, of course, we do not need the assistance of the man we know as Brain One (anag.) to inspire our culinary bagatelles. Here is the latest recipe from occasional contributor Fatima Gilliblat.

Boiled (or Broiled) Conger Eel with Sandwich Paste and Brazil Nuts

Take one fully-grown adult conger eel of handsome parts. Rinse it thoroughly in freezing cold water, then dab it dry with a large rectangular beach towel.

Fill an eel-shaped pan with water, place on the hob! hob! hob! and bring to the boil (or broil). Plunge the conger eel into the seething liquid in one easy, elegant, yet startling movement. Add a dash of ground pepper. Leave to simmer for 45 minutes.

Transfer the boiled (or broiled) conger eel onto a platter. Open a medium-sized jar of sandwich paste and spoon the entire contents onto the eel. Use a butter knife to spread the paste so it coats pretty much the whole topside. Place under the grill and toast for ten minutes, or until the colour of Turbinado sugar.

Toss a few brazil nuts onto the platter, and serve. Best eaten with bare hands, tearing the conger eel to shreds, in a sort of frenzy, while listening to the Missa Luba on your hi-fi.

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  1. Mr Key

    Can I request that you gather all of your recipes together and publish a cookery book? It would certainly ‘go’ with the younger set and would prove a marvelous alternative to all those Jammie Lawson goo-books

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