I seem to have made a great clunking mistake. In the piece below, for “groovy” and its variations please read “zippy”, and its variations. There is a material difference, and one not to be sniffed at. Sniffing will not be countenanced. It’s simply not a zippy thing to do.

6 thoughts on “Zippy

  1. This now makes sense (though I tend to be more of a Bungle man myself..)
    May I also take this opportunity to decry the use of the word ‘funky’ to describe anything other than the musical output of James Brown, George Clinton or Bootsy Collins…

    (Getting down with one’s bad self)

  2. I have tried to do the same Mr Key. By George I have!

    And O.S.M might I decry also your use of funky for anything but its more common usage here amongst the rude colonials of the early 21st century.

    Which is to say generally rank, malodorous and surrounded by a miasma of ‘funk’

    (Gettin’off my booty to take out the funky trash with ma baaaaaaaaaad self)

  3. I gained all my social behavioral norms from the BBC’s Watch With Mother programs and until recently, when ever quandary overtook me, asked myself ‘what would Teddy do in this situation?’
    Now I have abandoned my childhood mentor all I have to ask myself is W.W.D.D?


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