Readers may be aware of my views on Twitter. Briefly, I ahbhor it, despite the vaguely ornithological resonance of its name. I am assured, however, that it is increasingly the medium through which people keep abreast of that which is critical to their leading a well-ordered life. And what could be more critical than the doings at Hooting Yard? I have therefore arranged – via the indefatigable technoboffin – for a “tweet” to be generated whenever a new item appears on this website, and whenever a new podcast becomes available from ResonanceFM. I will most assuredly not be tapping idiotic drivel in to Twitter every five minutes.

If you wish to “follow” Hooting Yard, the stuff on Twitter appears at, unsurprisingly, @hootingyard

NOTE : I will also use Twitter to draw attention to intriguing links, for example this one, about a cork-, gutta percha-, and linseed oil-based floor covering called Kamptulicon.

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